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Can PE fresh-keeping film be used in high temperature environment?
Dec 05, 2018

When we use PE fresh-keeping film, we also have certain conditions. We know that PE fresh-keeping film under normal temperature environment refuses to be heated. Generally, those PE fresh-keeping film that can be heated should also pay attention not to melt in the heating process, or will release the corresponding toxicity. Matter.

I "see" the detailed product description of PE fresh-keeping film, if the instructions are printed with the corresponding PE fresh-keeping film or polyethylene fresh-keeping film, indicating that you can safely use it; if the above is written with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or no detailed material description, you are well advised not to buy.

2, "Touch" PE fresh-keeping film, you will know that polyethylene fresh-keeping film tactile will give you a not very sticky, not very transparent feeling, if you use hand rubbing later open or relatively simple, but PVC fresh-keeping film on the contrary, easy to stick hands.

3. "Fire" PE fresh-keeping film, the flame color is yellow after the polyethylene fresh-keeping film ignited, and you will find that far away from the source of fire will not immediately extinguish, will be accompanied by oil dripping phenomenon, and there is no pungent odor; but after the polyvinyl chloride fresh-keeping film burns, the flame color is yellow-green, accompanied by a lot of smoke. There will be no oil dripping phenomenon, and it will be extinguished after leaving the fire source, with a strong pungent odor.

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