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How to Identify the Quality of Aluminum Foil Products
Dec 05, 2018

1. Material for bags: When choosing to buy, you can first smell if there is any odor. The first is that it does not meet the hygienic standards, and the second is that it may affect the normal use of bags. Conversely, if there is no odor, you can check the transparency of the bag, the clarity is uniform, whether there is impurity feeling, and so on.

2. Bag firmness: Bag firmness can be divided into two types: firmness and hot air firmness. Wuxi aluminium foil bags have different firmness levels because of different materials. The main way to distinguish between them is to tear them by hand at the edge of the bag. The bags made of nylon and high-pressure film are difficult to tear by hand, which can be used to hold heavy products such as stones and large particles. The bags made of OPP heat-sealing film are easy to tear and can only hold some light products. After tearing, the shape and structure of the section should be considered, if it is from the middle of the heat-sealing part of the bag. Even tearing means that the heat seal of the bag is very poor and easy to break in the production process. If it is torn from the edge of the seal, it means that the heat seal quality is better. It also depends on the composite firmness of the bag. The method is to first look at the structure of several layers at the crack, and then use your hand to see if it can be separated. If it is not easy to separate, it means the composite firmness. OK, the opposite is bad; so the test of the bag's solid level also depends on whether there are bubbles or wrinkles on the surface of the bag.

3. Appearance uniformity: first observe the stiffness of the bag. Generally, the higher the smoothness, the better, but due to the different needs of materials, except for the bag made of nylon and high-pressure film, the heat seal of the bag will be wavy; also need to observe whether the trim of the bag is neat, the neater the better.

4. Printing quality: We need to look at the printing quality of bags and the higher the fidelity level of physical drawings, the better. If so, it should be noted that the printing requirements are not standard. See if there are any drawings, fog plates, block plates, leak prints and other phenomena. Many people are worried about the quality of aluminium foil bags when they buy them.

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