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Packaging Requirements for Thermal Insulation Aluminum Coil
Dec 05, 2018

Thermal insulation aluminium coil is a product with large export volume. Export packaging usually adopts fumigation wellbore frame mode. The outer part of the aluminium coil is fixed by steel strip. There are two layers of damp-proof rain cloth outside the aluminium coil. The inner part of the aluminium coil prevents damp-proof agent and adopts sealed packaging, which is suitable for sea transportation. Below for you to introduce the packaging requirements of thermal insulation aluminium coil.

The packaging of thermal insulation aluminium coil should be selected according to the specifications and sizes of the products. For box-type packaging, the product can not be crushed or moved after the human box. Packaging boxes can be made of wood, multi-layer board, fiberboard, metal and other materials. Packing boxes should be clean and tidy, with sufficient strength to ensure that they are not deformed and damaged during storage and transportation. The nails in wooden packing boxes are arranged step by step. The nail tips should not be exposed. 

The nail caps and the nail tips should be overturned to avoid injuring the aluminum foil during storage and transportation. The height of the base should meet the requirements of forklift truck transportation. After the product of aluminium roll is qualified and stamped, a strong neutral or weak acidic material should be wrapped around the outside, and the joint should be sealed with tape or label. Soft liner on end cushion. To protect the end face of insulating aluminium coil. Add desiccant, cover the plastic bag, plug the part of the plastic bag beyond the aluminium coil at both ends into the tube core, seal it with a suitable size plastic plug and put it into the packing box. After packing, the product is covered with a layer of moisture-proof paper or plastic cloth. After placing the packing list, the product can be covered and sealed with steel belt. The steel belt should be tied firmly.

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