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The Use of Household Aluminum Foil
Dec 05, 2018

1. Reduce the dirt and mucus in the kitchen sink

Roll the aluminum foil into a few balls of about 10 round coins and put them into the basket of the kitchen sink drain to reduce the mucus dirt on the basket.

Metal ions such as copper, silver, and aluminum have antibacterial and bactericidal effects, and aluminum foil easily dissolves aluminum ions when it hits water, thereby preventing the generation of dirt.

2, restore the luster of silver products

1) Prepare a container outside the metal, which is covered with aluminum foil paper, with the bright surface on top, put in silver products, and sprinkle with baking soda powder. (1 brooch-sized silver product, about 1 tablespoon of baking soda.)

2) Pour in the boiled hot water and you can see the water bubbling.

3) After waiting for a while, pour the water and wash it, and dry the silver products, you will find that the black part has disappeared.

The blackening of the silver product is due to the oxidation of silver on the surface, which becomes silver oxide. The addition of baking soda powder can reduce the silver oxide, and the aluminum activity in the aluminum foil paper is higher than that of the silver, so that the gloss of the silver product can be restored.

3, to prevent mites

The mites have the characteristics of opaque, and the aluminum foil paper is brightly facing upwards, covering the soil, because the bright surface of the aluminum foil can reflect light, and can prevent the aphid from being twinned.

4, increase lighting

If you want to remove a light bulb to save power, but you are worried that it is not bright enough, you can add a high-temperature resistant aluminum foil paper on the lampshade to the outside to increase the illumination.

5, fast frozen food

When you want to quickly freeze food, you can wrap the food in plastic wrap and then put a layer of aluminum foil paper into the freezer, which not only can quickly freeze, but also make the food less dry. When the aluminum foil is coated during thawing, the thawing speed can be accelerated. However, it should be noted that it is not dangerous to put it in the microwave oven and thaw it.

6, remove grease

The aluminum foil paper is spheroidal, with the bright side outside. Gently wipe the pan and glassware to remove grease and blackened parts, but be aware that this method cannot be used on Teflon-processed pots or items.

If you want to improve the cleaning power, you can add baking soda powder when cleaning the blackened pot; when washing the glassware, match the dishwashing detergent.

7, remove the skin of the burdock

After the aluminum foil is smashed into a spherical shape, the burd is rubbed with a bright surface, and the outer skin of the burdock can be gradually removed, and finally rinsed with water.

8, prevent dryer static electricity

The aluminum foil is smashed into a baseball-sized ball and placed in the dryer at the same time to prevent static electricity

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