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Application Of Aluminum Foil In Packaging
Dec 05, 2018

Previously, China could consume 1613,000 tons of aluminium foil annually. China's largest consumer of aluminium foil in the market is air conditioning foil; followed by cigarette foil, China is the world's largest producer and consumer of cigarettes, cigarette packaging annual consumption of 35,000 tons of foil, accounting for 60% of the total consumption of double zero foil; third, decorative foil, used in the construction industry for heat insulation, moisture-proof and decorative materials, China's current construction, decoration, and decoration. Household appliances industry has formed an upsurge in the application of decorative foil; fourth, cable foil, using the sealing and shielding properties of aluminum foil, as a shield for cables. Aluminum foil consumption of the above four varieties accounted for more than 70% of China's total aluminum foil consumption. Pharmaceutical foil, electronic foil, automotive foil and flexible packaging foil have also become an important consumption growth point in the aluminum foil market.

In addition to cigarette packaging, the application of aluminium foil in packaging industry mainly includes: aluminium-plastic composite bags, pharmaceutical aluminium foil blister packaging and chocolate packaging. Some high-end beers are also wrapped in aluminum foil at the mouth of the bottle.

Medical blister packaging includes medicinal aluminium foil, PVC plastic hard sheet, heat sealing paint and other materials. Medical aluminium foil is a sealing material sealed on plastic hard sheet. It has the advantages of non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, impermeability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance and high temperature sterilization. The thickness of medicinal aluminium foil is generally 0.02 mm. It consists of protective layer, ink printing layer, base material and adhesive layer. Because of its high cost, all-aluminium foam cover is mainly used in some expensive pharmaceutical packaging.

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