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How To Discern The Quality Of PE Fresh-keeping Film
Dec 05, 2018

1. Smell - can be smelled by unpacking. Many of Taobao's so-called weight loss and fresh-keeping membranes are actually wholesale to fruit and vegetable vendors. They are not of good quality and smell bad. PE is yellow, tasteless, dripping oil, poor quality fresh-keeping film will have black smoke, odor. Taobao smells bad when it smells. It is made of 100% inferior materials. It is impossible to use PE material.

2. Color - the higher the transparency, the better. Like yellow film, it is made from waste recycling, and the quality is very poor.

3. The quality of elasticity-pull-and-break is poor. (Good or bad is not visible by thickness, but by toughness, and the proof is inferior when it comes to breaking down.)

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