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How To Store Aluminum Coil
Dec 05, 2018

China is the largest producer of electrolytic aluminium in the world. Aluminum alloys are naturally widely used. Aluminum coil is a common product of aluminium alloy, which is widely used in pipeline anti-corrosion, heat preservation and other projects.

At present, the consumption of aluminium coil in our country is increasing year by year, which has become an important part of the sale of aluminium sheet and strip. Aluminum coil has the characteristics of low density, long service life and beautiful appearance. In the power industry, the consumption of aluminium coil is larger in the chemical industry. In order to use aluminium coil very well, prolong the service life of aluminium coil, the storage of aluminium coil is carried out. The environment has a certain demand. Let's learn about the storage environment of aluminium coils.

It is well known that aluminium coils are attributed to non-ferrous metals. If they are touched by water, they will be oxidized, which will damage the outer protective film and affect the external quality. Therefore, a dull environment is the basic condition for the storage of aluminium coils.

The second is the sealing of the packaging. Generally, the aluminium roll will be packed waterproof when it leaves the factory. There is moisture-proof agent in it. Therefore, it is advocated that the user should not damage the packaging method. The packaging is suitable for long-term storage. If there are certain conditions, it can also pack the used aluminium roll in this way.

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