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Selection And Purchase Of PE Fresh-keeping Film
Dec 05, 2018

It is understood that CCTV's Weekly Quality Report revealed that the plasticizer banned by the state may hide in the film and flow to people's dining tables. Food Packaging Association also released a report yesterday. Among the 16 samples of PVC film investigated, 15 samples detected the plasticizer DEHA, which was banned by the state. When food is heated, the substance speeds up its release, affecting the endocrine system. In this regard, we call for the introduction of national standards for PVC fresh-keeping film as soon as possible, and remind consumers to choose and use PE fresh-keeping film.

1, look at the color. The whole roll is made of PVC with yellowish color and PE with white color.

2, hand rub. PE fresh-keeping film is generally less viscous, easy to open after hand rubbing, while PVC fresh-keeping film is better viscous, hand rubbing is not easy to unfold.

3, burn it. PE fresh-keeping film burns quickly after igniting with fire, and it will not extinguish without fire source; while PVC fresh-keeping film is not easy to ignite, it will extinguish after leaving fire source, and has a pungent odor.

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